Admission Policy

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1. Statement of Purpose

  • NCL is a private educational facility that seeks to provide a National Core curriculum with Cambridge international curriculum to students in an English speaking learning environment.
  • NCL is a non-discriminatory body and as such does not discriminate against parents or students on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion or race.
  • NCL strives to present a balanced learning environment in which students are able to access their full potential and engage in opportunities to grow academically, emotionally, socially and culturally.

2. Admissions Practices and Policies Overview

  • The final admission decision is made by the Principal
  • English 100% and Natural sciences 60% are delivered in English with the exception of other school subjects
  • NCL limits the number of students in each classroom to maximum of 15-20.
  • NCL does not permit ‘skipping’ a grade based on parent requests. Students are placed based on age requirements
  • Without re-registration payment and the signed School Agreement for the upcoming school year, a place cannot be held for the current student
  • No application will be considered until the completed admissions documentation, as per the checklist, is received. No exceptions will be granted
  • Should it come to the School’s attention that full disclosure has not been made on the application forms as required; the Student’s place at NCL may be terminated
  • Students may only attend school once all required fees have been paid
  • No parent requests for class placement will be accepted
  • For families applying with children at both elementary and secondary schools, a joint decision will be made by Principals

3. Admissions Process

  • The application documentation must be completed in full and returned to the Admission Office at NCL
  • Once the completed documentation has been received, including the payment of the required application fee, Student Services Office will contact the prospective parents and set up a time for testing
  • Every student must complete a language proficiency test, regardless of where the student has studied previously.
  • An admissions interview with the Assistant Principal or designate will be scheduled and must be attended by the prospective student. The admission decision is reached based upon age appropriateness, past academic results, a face to face interview, and the results of the admissions testing
  • Once the student has been accepted into NCL, the Director and the Training manager  will sign the admissions approval forms and assign the homeroom teacher. 
  • The admission office will contact the prospective family following the Principal’s decision and inform the family as to the status of their child(ren) 24 – 48 hours after testing
  • Should the prospective parents accept the offer of a place at NCL; the admission office will inform the Finance Office. The Finance Office will generate an invoice for payment and forward the invoice to the responsible party.
  • Admission officer will inform the appropriate teaching staff of the admission of the new student(s)

4. Language policy

  • Pre-school and grade 1 students with no English will be considered for acceptance.
  • ESL support will be provided to students who require additional language support.

5. Testing and Resource Policy

  • NCL tests new entrants in English Proficiency, Math and other subject areas as deemed necessary
  • Every child for whom English is not their mother tongue, or who is listed on their admissions form as bilingual, must complete a language competency test. This test will be administered regardless of the number of years that a non-native speaker may have studied in an English language environment

6. Age and Mid-year Enrollment Policy

  • Prospective students seeking a place at NCL will only be considered for a spot in a grade that is appropriate for their current age or the grade after the successfully completed grade
  • Students who enter NCL from schools with a different academic year (such as January to November) will be placed in the grade they are currently attending if they join NCL at the start of the NCL school year
  • Should the student wish to enter NCL midway through the NCL school year, the student will be placed in the grade following the one which they have fully completed.
  • For former students returning to NCL from outside of Mongolia within 6 months, no application fee is required
  • Former students returning from schools within Mongolia will be required to pay the application fee and testing may be required
  • Students admitted at any point during the semester will be required to pay the full amount for that semester

7. Students with special needs

  • Students with special needs will only be granted a place at NCL after consideration from the Director and the Leadership team that NCL is able to meet all the student’s needs.
  • Should the Director determine that NCL is unable to meet the needs of the student, entry to NCL will be denied and inform the parents.

8. Waiting listing

  • Prospective students may be waitlisted if there is no place available in the grade level providing the student meets the required criteria for admission.
  • Students who cannot be offered a place in the appropriate grade will not be considered for the grade above or below.
  • Should the prospective student be waitlisted, the parents will be informed of this once the required completed application materials have been received
  • Priority on the waitlist will be generally given to the students in the order in which their applications were received.