Vision, Mission, Values

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Our VISION is to become a world class school that is committed to academic excellence, sustained teaching and learning innovation, leadership development and global impact.


Our MISSION is to empower our students to become globally minded authentic leaders who are empowered to make a positive difference for the world.


Our VALUE statements are:

Global Intelligence: IQ is as equally important as EQ, but without GQ on top of these skills, students are not able to succeed in the “flat” world fully.

Learning in Practice: Practical learning experiences enrich academic learning further and we strive to use case-based learning methodologies and practical skill development strategies in all our educational program offerings.

Leadership: In today’s world of digital transformation and the rise of artificial intelligence, everything rises and falls on leadership and competencies in managing people and coordinating with others. Our unique student leadership programs are designed to develop those soft skills in every student.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: We will strive to unleash the unique potential in each student and strive to educate future entrepreneurs and innovators who are empowered to tackle the world’s toughest challenges and make a difference for the world.

Public Speaking: Public speaking skills are essential in the development of future leaders and our educational programs are designed to improve communication skills of all students. Our leadership programs will nurture not only speaking skills but also skills such as listening, resilience, compassion and empathy for others.

Values and Ethics: We will strive to develop future leaders who are self-aware of their values and ethical boundaries and who are committed to their values for the rest of their lives. Character development is an essential competency in our educational programs.

Adaptability: We will strive to develop future leaders who are mentally, socially and academically adaptable in uncertain circumstances and who are capable of making judgments and sound decisions.

Critical thinking: We strive to develop students with skills to look at information from multiple perspectives and innovate a solution to problems and issues at hand.

Technology Literacy: In the age of digital transformation and Internet of Things, literacy in technology is an essential skill for every student. We will strive to utilize the latest technology innovation and tools in our teaching and learning approaches.

Lifelong Learning: Learning should never stop as we strive to instill skills of ongoing, self-motivated learning habits for every student, which will ensure their success in higher education setting and beyond.