School Bus

New Century Leadership provides a bus service for all students. The bus service fees are separate from the tuition payment and it is usually determined at the beginning of the academic year. Please check with student services on the rate of service for this year.

School bus route

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School bus contract

Please download the bus contract below and bring it to the admission office.

School bus rules


  1. The student must arrive at the bus stop 3 minutes in advance.
  2. The student must take his seat before the bus leaves.
  3. The student speaks loudly on the bus, does not disturb the driver, and speaks politely.
  4. Students sit in their seats and wear seat belts.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to put your hands, feet and head out of the window.
  6. It is forbidden to litter on the bus or through the windows.
  7. It is forbidden to change clothes on the bus.
  8. Do not carry animals and do not carry sharp objects on the bus, such as pocket knives, which can be dangerous to people.
  9. The student can take the school bus only at home, school, and the place where he or she is allowed to land. It is not allowed to take another friend on the bus to take them home.
  10. Love and protect the bus as your property.
  11. If a student gets off the bus and crosses the road, walk three (3) meters in front of the bus.
  12. Do not attempt to disembark after the bus has departed.
  13. Do not get up from the seat while the bus is in traffic.


  1. Parents take their children to the bus station 5 minutes early.
  2. If the parents do not come to pick up the child at the bus stop (primary school students), the student stays with the driver without getting off the bus. Parents contact the driver to pick up the child.
  3. Any issues related to bus service can only be resolved by contacting the training department and the social worker. Bus drivers do not have direct access.
  4. If for some reason your child does not take the bus that day, let the driver know in advance so as not to waste time waiting for others.
  5. If a student has trouble waiting for the bus regularly, the school administration should be notified. If it keeps recurring, parents need to find other ways to move their children.


  1. Take full responsibility for bus safety, conduct quarterly technical inspections and regularly check bus readiness on the day before work
  2. Regularly close the windows of the service bus, move after closing the door, and make sure that the bus is clean and comfortable.
  3. In accordance with the route, at the appointed time in the morning, the named students (parents of primary school students) will be picked up from the mentioned hotel and the delivery service to the hotel in the evening will be organized responsibly. If the child does not arrive when you leave the station, wait 1-2 minutes and leave. Inform absent students of the class teacher and parents.
  4. During the bus ride, the safety and health of students will be fully taken into account and the rules of driving will be strictly followed.
  5. Unload primary school students from the bus and hand them over to the classroom teacher, pick them up from the teacher and put them on the bus.
  6. Communicate politely with children, advise them on careful travel and provide information on safety.
  7. Inform the school administration if there are any suggestions from parents about the bus service, communicate properly with the parents, do not deviate from the route when transporting children, and do not let anyone else pick you up.
  8. In case of any damage to the car, notify the school administration the day before.